Sunday, 6 January 2013

Grand Theft Auto Vice City Karachi Free Download


  • Amazing city based on Real karachi map.
  • Full Storyline based game.
  • Complete 3 Chapters based on mission (with a complete storyline)
  • City with Real Karachi cars
  • Street Racing in Karachi
  • Ultimate driving challenges
  • Making and Dealing with Girlfriends
  • Playing Fast & the Furious Mode
  • Play as a roll of a Cop in Karachi  
  • Drive RC cars, fly choper, Tractor fun, Tanker n the fire-gun is legal do all these, which you have never done in Karachi city.
  •  New! Hijackings, Bank Robbery, Criminal records, Kidnapping n stealing and many more.

 Processor= 1.2GHz
RAM= 128 MB  
Video= 32MB

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